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A swedish filmcompany that specializes in bringing horror to life through visual storytelling.

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Genre: Psychological thriller/horror
Format: Short film/ proof of concept with Unreal Engine & liveaction
Length: 20-30 min
Director/ Script: Cindy Stenberg
Producers: Annika Rimbleus and Marcel Köppe
Excecutive Producer: Cindy Stenberg
Production company: Uncanny Pictures

When pigeonholed traumas turn into a destructive mental prison, a young woman must confront her repressed self before her inner world unravels.

Aleiah – Alisha Höglund
Young Aleiah – Elle Moon Howard
Behram – Lars Fagernäs
Caimile – Jazmine Howard



Format: Feature film
Director/ Script: Cindy Stenberg
Script doctor: Viggo Zingmark Lien
Production company: Uncanny Pictures

Trapped in a vicious treasure hunt on Halloween after a mysterious invite, a grieving gameshop owner must save his friends from a deadly game created by his own hands.

Previous Projects

The Roots of Evil

A visually dramatic mystery/ horror about a young man blinded by guilt, facing his own mortality to set things straight.

Sour Love
A weird, cute, romantic, comedic horror short film with a poetry narration.
From Below

A woman scared of the basement challenges herself to go down to do her laundry… but something horrifying is down there with her as well – and it’s hungry.

The Bellringer
In an attempt to solve her writer’s block, a young woman visits an old Church Town in search of inspiration, but something evil haunts the grounds…
A young woman takes on a new job to care for someone with a mysterious sickness, but something is seriously wrong…
The Dreamcatcher
Nova gets a dreamcatcher as a present from her mom to protect her from bad dreams, but she will soon discover something sinister that hides within.
Dead Frequency
A man discovers an unknown voice coming from his old walkie-talkie.
A passing woman sees a box of crayons, but they seem to be cursed with a monstrous entity…
An ill woman wakes up to find a strange figure standing outside her window…

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