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About Us

Cindy Stenberg

The company consists of me, Cindy Stenberg, and I write and direct. However being a indie filmmaker, the titles usually spans further than just that, such as location scout, props, wardrobe, casting, schedule, projectmanager etc.

I mostly do my own projects, but I am up for possible collaborations. I’m also available to write scripts on order.

I write my own scripts, direct and produce. I took theatre in school for five years (however mostly to help with my crippling social anxiety), tried getting my scripts out there and pretty much gave up on this dream of mine – until 2019. I pitched my idea to local filmmakers and got my first shot at directing, and here I am, 8 award winning short films under my belt! I consider myself an introvert with extrovert dreams, and work hard to be able to do what I do.

I sincerely love horror, and have done that for as long as i can remember. Poetry, novels, movies, videogames. It’s a work of beauty and intense feelings that you can’t find in the other genres in my opinon.

Contact me and we’ll look into it! 🙂

Annika Rimbléus


My name is Annika Rimbleus and I am a producer here at Uncanny! As I am a trained actor, it usually happens that I also appear in front of the camera in our films.
The interest in photography and film came to life when I started working as a model in NYC. I trained at the theater school in Luleå in acting and then went to Filmpool Nord’s Producer course Northern Motion.

Previously I have produced “The roots of evil” for Uncanny Pictures but also produced horror with Swedish Ghost lovers (Skellefteå). I have also directed/written scripts for film and theater at Lule stassteater.

Mystery and psychological horror/thriller are the things closest to my heart in the horror film genre. But still have to admit that I also believe in ghosts! 🙂