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About Us

Uncanny Pictures is a Swedish film company that specializes in bringing horror to life since 2019.

The Uncanny Team

The team is the founder Cindy Stenberg & Co-producer Annika Rimbléus.
For the time being we’ve mostly been working on our own projects but also some collaborations with others’ horror projects.

Our team is very varied despite being only two persons and our knowledge extends to many working titles such as producing, writing, directing and acting. But besides this of course with indie films, the working titles may extend even further and we have done other work such as scheduling, contracts, location scout, costume, props, social media marketing, funding etc.
As a indie film production we do everything in our power to get the projects moving forward and not stay as a sad lonely digital file. Art and horror deserves to be created and seen; and we are here to make this happen.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have some cool horror project brewing and looking for a collab!

Cindy Stenberg


I come from Kiruna but these days I live in Umeå in Sweden.

I’m a writer, director and producer. I’ve been making shorts since 2019.

My experiences in film are slim to none, although in retrospect I do believe my experiences have helped me become a better director mostly.

I took theater back in school (though mostly just to help with my crippling social anxiety HEH), dabbled in photography by selling canvas/pictures and working shoots like birthdays, weddings, funerals or nature.

I’ve been writing novels/poetry/scripts since I was a young kid and dreamt about making films, but never really dared to take that jump, until now that is.

I consider myself an introvert with extrovert dreams. I love videogames, poetry and movies.

Horror has always had a special place in my heart. I consider it to be a work of raw beauty and intense feelings that I just can’t seem to find in the other genres.

Annika Rimbléus


I am Annika! Actress and co producer at Uncanny Pictures. The last two years I have been working in the uncanny world of horror film.

My strength as a producer/actress combined is my ability to give input on the script from the perspective of the characters. How can we make the script even better if we use the mind of the character that we are portraying. To do that, you have to think as the character and make interesting and unexpected suggestions – because that makes (if you ask me) a script and a story real and in our case – uncanny.

I have always been drawn to the mystery in films. Too the dark and beautiful characters. My favorite movie when I first discovered my passion for film was The Lord of the Rings. The music, the character and the story really moved my heart. It was also there I found my first love – Aragorn! ❤️ forever!

To make horror film you have to be brave and think outside the box – two qualities that describes me as a person. I like to put myself out there, try new things and meet new people!

I like the producer role because I like to be working with talented people. But also and maybe the most important thing as a producer- I like to take care of the mess!
We are humans and we are not perfect – sometimes we fail. And that is okay!

And that’s why I love acting the most. To portray our flaws and the struggle to try once more – to win!